Tuesday, June 13, 2017

150 Pull sets

TC2 coached athletes will see this workout throughout the year. This is a great aerobic set with many additional benefits. start with 6 reps and build to 12, taking a 15-20 sec rest interval. The 150 is broken into 50 cruise./ 50 tempo/ 50 fast. By swimming a varied pace, you don't get stuck swimming at a constant speed.
cruise- this 50 is nice and easy with a focus on a good streamline position and smooth relaxed catch. By slowing things down a bit, it allows for good efficient swim mechanics.s s
Temp o- now keeping things smooth, pick up the tempo to race effort. this should be 80-85 % effort.
Fast- this is not a sprint, but focus on increasing power and finishing off the beck end of the stroke.
This swim set makes you negative split, and after each rep, you are forced to go back and swim smooth and relaxed at the start of the next rep. The average pace is steady endurance, but there is the added benefit of working on body position, tempo and power.
There are variations of this set;
A. 12-21 x100 alternating cruise/ tempo/ fast with 10-15 sec rest.
B. 4-6x 300 with 20-30 sec rest as 100 cruise/ 100 tempo/ 100 fast
c-. 5-8x 200 as 50 cruise/ 100 tempo/ 50 fast rest interval 20 sec
i like doing this as a pull set. but it can be done swimming or with paddles added.