Sunday, September 13, 2015

bike rollers

IF live in a warm climate or cold climate, using rollers  has many benefits.
I try to fit rollers in at least once a week throughout the year. I find it helps smooth out my pedal stroke and improves my efficiency on the bike.

Before moving to Florida, I would spend a lot of time during the winter using rollers and a stationary trainer. After relocating to warmer climate, a began using them, not because I needed to be inside, I chose to be inside. With thunderstorms often in the summer afternoon forecast, rollers became a great option when getting on the road was possible.

Here are some useful ways to get the most out of your rollers.

  • Recovery rides- using rollers for recovery rides allows you to control the intensity, and work on a smooth efficient pedal stroke. It's easy to pedal with the light resistance and high rpm's on rollers. Too often when athletes try to ride outside for the recovery rides intensity gets too high,  hills or headwind. Using a stationary trainer for recovery rides is often boring and doesn't allow you to work on efficiency or balance at the rollers do.
  • Develop handling skills- in the beginning just staying upright on the rollers is often a challenge for many athletes. Once you get used to them, you'll notice a smooth and efficient pedal stroke. You can then work on developing advanced skill such as riding no hands, or one leg and pedal drills.
  • Making the most of daylight hours- when you're rides are often asked shortened due to less daylight in the early morning hours or early sunset in the evening. You can extend your workout  by coming inside tossing the bike in the rollers and doing you warm-up or cool down.since there is no set up time, it makes for an easy transition.
There many different types of rollers, I prefer emotion rollers due to the fact that they have resistance levels and guide wheels that help you not ride  off cylinders.since many cyclists and triathletes. Now he's power meters. You'll have all your data on board on any type of rollers.

As we head into the darker in colder months. Consider adding rollers to your indoor training arsenal this winter.

Tim Crowley is the owner of TC two coaching, is also the head strength and conditioning coach at Montverde Academy. For more information, visit www.Tim