Monday, December 20, 2010

A Case for Draft Legal AG racing

I first thought about draft legal racing for age group triathetes,a few years ago. Most thought I was crazy. Thye more I thought about it, the more it began to make sense. Here are some things to consider before you make up your own mind.

Now with the 1st draft legal race for age groupers to be held in Clermont on March 5th, i'd liike to present some thoughts on the topic.

1. Safety- this is the first thing out of everyones mouth when they here the concept. Whats more dangerous, a pack of roders on road bikes, or triathletes riding in a pack on aerobars, some who are intentionally drafting, while others do not know there is drafting, and all are no where near their breaks.

2. Drafting is alive and well- just look at any large sprint, olympic disatnce, 70.3 race, worlds qualifier, national championships etc. , and you will find rampant drafting. Problem is those who abide by the rules get screwed and the rest figure their chances of being caught are minimal since ther are only so many draft marshals on course. Unfortunately, the bigger and more important the race, the larger the % of drafting.

3. Its about riding smart- not just about putting your head down. Plus the swim and the run now become more important. Tactics and skill now rides along side a big motor. Plus all the expensive go fast gagets are not needed, just a road bike and regular helmet.

4. Apprectiation of ITU racing- Those who think a draft legal race is just sitting in and spinning will be surprised at the constant maximal efforts required, along with better handling skills. This will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of what ITU races experience.

I truly believe draft legal racing can cooexist with non drafting triathlon. Now with everyine knowing and abiding by the rules we will oince again have a level playing field. I will see yoou in Clermont in March.