Friday, May 4, 2012

Inseason 3x3

It is now spring, and athletes are getting out of the roads to increase their mileage as the days get longer and the weather warmer. This often leads to athletes either skipping or minimizing their strength plan. Unfortunately all the hard work that was done during the winter will be lost in the next two months unless a maintenance plan is put in place.

Maintaining strength gains can be accomplished by utilizing two short high-intensity strength sessions per week. What I have outlined here is a triathlon specific program which involves three simple strength exercises. Complete 3 sets of each exercise in rotating fashion( cable push both, expired to lift, in ab wheel roller) will allow you to get the biggest bang for your training minutes.

Each exercise was elected for its overall benefit, and its ability to help create muscle balance, stabilization strength and improve movement economy in all 3 disciplines.

1. Cable push / pull- this exercise can be done on any dual cable machine, or could possibly be done using stretch bands or tubing. While standing with feet shoulder width apart one arm is doing a cable row while the other is doing a press. Using cables in this way requires a high degree of shoulder and core stabilization . This is a full body exercise.

2. Hex bar deadlifts in my opinion are single best exercise for cyclists and runners. By using the hex bar the center of gravity is moved further underneath the hips thereby decreasing the stress on the back and knees. In addition to developing strength and power in the hamstrings, glutes and quads, the back muscles are stabilizing the hips much like they do in cycling, creating a strong powerful cycling base.

3. Ab wheel rollout-anterior core strength is critical in swimming and running to maintain proper posture and movement economy. If an ab wheel is not available, this exercise can also be adapted using a stability ball TRX or mini slide toward.

It is highly recommended that before you attempt any the exercises that you consult with a qualified trainer or strength coach to ensure that you are doing them correctly.

You should do 5-10 min. of foam roll and dynamic warm-up drills before you begin the exercises

Perform three sets of each exercise keeping the reps any 6-8 range. Take about 30-40 seconds rest between each set to keep the quality high.

From start to finish this should take no more than 15 to 20 min.
Stay Powerful!

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