Monday, June 18, 2018

Unique Ways to Heat Acclimate

As the weather heats up, its important to acclimate to heat form optimal performance in both training and racing. Here are a few ways you can optimize heat acclimation into your busy life. When the weather is sporadically hot, its hard to get enough constant exposure to heat to fully acclimate.

1. Do easy training sessions at the hottest times of the day. Keep the intensity and volume low.

2. Do trainer sessions on a hot garage to maximize heat stress. Use a fan to keep the air moving.

3. Mow the lawn or do yard work in the afternoon when its hot and humid.

4. Adopt a road way, and plan to clean it on hot humid days in the Florida sun :)

Monday, February 26, 2018

2018 NTC Educational and CEU Opportunities

2018 NTC Educational and CEU Opportunities
National Training Center Clermont Florida

Thursday, April 5  7-9 pm
Strength training for Masters Athletes- what you don’t know may be hurting you and your performance

·        The science behind training masters athletes
·        Learn time efficient training strategies beyond just lifting weights
·        Yearly training plan concepts
·        Learn how to integrate prevention and performance into your workouts
·        USAT CEU’s pending   Registration Link;

 Thursday, April 26  7-8:30 pm
Long Axis Core- science and concepts for core training for endurance athletes

·        Understand the science behind effective core training
·        Learn safe effective exercises in progressions for core development
·        Understanding functional anatomy of the core
·        Learn how to integrate effective exercises and get rid of dangerous exercises

       Thursday, June 14  7-8:30 pm 
Strength Training Strategies for Multisport Athletes

·        Strategies for the time crunched athlete
·        Exercises for healthy shoulders
·        training options when you can’t get to a pool

Thursday, October 18  7-9 pm
Program Development for Triathletes and Coaches- lessons learned from 30 years in the trenches

·        Integrating technology into training plans
·        Process versus outcome training
·        Long-term athletic development models
·        USAT CEU’s pending